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Environmental & Containment
Environmental & Containment February 1, 2022
  • Base Square-shaped base with rectangle cut-out for key block to fit & lock system.
  • BHR-1 Hose ramp with angled sides. Center cavity designed for 2″ PVC pipe.
  • Corner Piece Corner piece with rectangle cut-outs for key blocks to fit in & lock system.
  • Extension Blocks Extension block will fit into base to increase height of containment system.
  • Key Block Rectangle-shaped block, fits into base to lock containment system together.
  • QFSS-20 Quick Fence Safety System with 20-lb. sign bases.
  • QFSS-30 Quick Fence Safety System with 30-lb. sign bases.
  • SB-20 Square sign base with molded center hole with PVC cap insert.
  • SB-30 Octagonal sign base with 1 ½” molded center hole.
  • SB-30W Octagonal base with molded 1 ½” hole, two wheels attached on one side.
  • SB-60 Octagonal sign base with 1 7/8” molded center hole.
  • SB-60W-HD New heavy duty 60 lb. recycled rubber sign base with 5” rubber wheels.
  • SB-90 Octagonal base with circular footprint extender base bolted on using hex-head lag screws.
  • SMB-112 Sign mounting brackets designed for use with 1 ½” PVC post.
  • SMB-2 Sign mounting brackets designed for use with 2″ PVC pipe.
  • U-Channel Adaptor Black post with holes and welded square base. Made to anchor U-Channel posts.
  • U-Channel Post U-Channel post for use with sign bases. Available in heights of 4′, 5′, 6′ or custom.