Tire Conversion Technologies Inc.

Tire Conversion Technologies manufacturing facility, Latham, USA

Since 1998, TCT has been on the cutting edge of using recycled tire rubber to solve our customer’s problems. Today, TCT has a full line of site management and traffic safety products in addition to world-class engineering design and product development services. Specializing in compression molding, our team has developed valuable product solutions for applications like rooftop mechanical and electrical equipment isolation, oil & gas well drilling operations, rigid equipment bases, industrial hose and piping management and many others.

As a privately owned New York State manufacturer, TCT is committed to relentlessly growing shareholder value by increasing our customer base, entering new markets, continuously developing essential, innovative products, investing in ourselves and our community and providing excellent jobs for all our employees.


TCT-Europe Commercial Office

TCT manufacturing facility, Poland

Launched in October 2018, TCT-Europe was set up to take advantage of the growing demand and innovation in Europe for sustainable rubber products. With a commercial and design arm in the UK and Production in Poland TCT-Europe focuses primarily on OEM products for the renewable energy, HVAC and military markets.

Our Mission

It is the mission of TCT to serve our founders, stakeholders, customers and employees by utilizing recycled rubber and our innovative proprietary processes, to produce and market value-added products and services.

Our Services

  1. Catalog recycled rubber products
  2. OEM custom rubber products

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Our industry sectors

  1. Solar

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  2. Rooftop Mechanical

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  3. Oil &Gas

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  4. Workplace products

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  5. Products for military bases

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