November 26, 2018

TCT Announces New Addition to Traffic Safety Line

TCT has added Drivewayspikes to its current product offerings

Tire Conversion Technologies is excited to announce their newest addition to their traffic safety line – the Drivewayspikes. TCT has received an exclusive license to manufacture and sell Drivewayspikes and related products.

Drivewayspikes was created by Donald Churches, following a flood that turned his once-quiet street into a major thoroughfair. To prevent unwanted traffic from entering his driveway, Churches came up with the Drivewayspike, with molded rubber spikes that look dangerous from afar. Paired with a recycled tire rubber base, the Drivewayspike will not damage vehicles.

At the time of launch, the Drivewayspikes will be available in 22″ lengths, with plans to introduce a 47″ Drivewayspike in the future. The 22″ Drivewayspike is currently available through the Drivewayspike website,  or via Amazon.

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