May 4, 2018

TCT Launches New Traffic Safety Products

Tire Conversion Technologies announces the launch of two new traffic safety products, the Sign Speed Bump and the Friendly Flagger. Both products were introduced at the 2018 ATSSA Expo in January, hosted in San Antonio, Texas.

Both products were designed around existing TCT products – namely the speed bumps and recycled rubber sign bases. The Friendly Flagger is for construction workers to use on-site to control traffic flow and alleviate worker fatigue. The setup uses TCT’s bases made from recycled tire rubber to support the staff, sheath and sign. The Sign Speed Bump combines a 6-foot speed bump with a flexible post and sign, perfect for pedestrian-heavy areas or parking lots.

Both products are available for purchase now on the TCT website. To view a copy of the press release, please click here.

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