Our design process

At TCT, our design process starts when a customer either issues us a drawing or Solid Model file, or works with us to create their custom solution. Once the product is designed, TCT reviews it to make sure that we are able to manufacture the product using compression molded rubber, as well as determining the best way to create the prototype mold and required lead time.

After we have had time to review the design and answer the above questions, we provide the customer with prototype pricing, expected delivery times, and the cost per piece made. In some cases, TCT is capable of producing the mold in-house, eliminating the cost of outside vendors. After this is agreed upon by the customer, the prototype tooling is manufactured and initial production runs (under 100 pieces) are run.

This gives both TCT and the customer time to examine and make any changes to the product before the final production molds are manufactured. Throughout the whole process, we make sure that the customer is fully informed about where we are in the process, along with sending pictures and product samples.

When a design is approved that both TCT and a customer agree upon, metal production tooling is ordered and TCT completes the New Product Introduction. Once we have received an initial production order from the customer, the product has finally reached the production stage.