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About Tire Conversion Technologies

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Tire Conversion Technologies, Inc. to serve our founders, stakeholders, customers and employees by utilizing scrap tires, related recyclables and our innovative proprietary processes, to produce and market value-added products and services. The result will be a highly profitable company and a greener environment.

About TCT

Tire Conversion Technologies, Inc. (TCT) is a manufacturing company that produces specialized construction and consumer materials using crumb-rubber from used tires. Located in Latham, NY, TCT produces a wide-variety of crumb-rubber based industrial and consumer based products which include sign bases, hose and curb ramp systems, wheel chocks, dock bumpers, floor mats and other specialized rubber products.

When first originated in 1998, Tire Conversion Technologies manufactured DuraBoard™, which is a steel reinforced recycled rubber product. After limited success marketing and manufacturing DuraBoard™ products, TCT acquired the right to manufacture ENVIROform products. ENVIROform products are compression molded rubber products. TCT has since discontinued efforts to manufacture and market DuraBoard™ and is strictly focusing on ENVIROform and related products.TCT also has the capability to manufacture custom designed OEM type products for a variety of applications.