LATHAM, NY – Tire Conversion Technologies Inc. (TCT) has received a worldwide, exclusive license to manufacture and sell proprietary containment systems as described in US Patent 9,016,980 and related intellectual property.


The license grants TCT the exclusive rights to make and sell liquid and solid material containment berm systems, equipment wash stations, evaporation ponds, and additional products using a novel base and key block system for capturing spill containment membranes and liners in well-drilling, environmental remediation, flood protection, secondary containment and a wide variety of other applications.


TCT Containment Berm System was deployed on a well drilling site in Pennsylvania. Designed for either permanent installation or temporary field use, rapid removal, cleaning and reinstallation at follow-on sites, the TCT systems provide a unique combination of high-quality, very tough, barrier structure and easy to handle, re-useable components.


Made entirely of compression molded, recycled rubber, the berms are impervious to liquids and are unaffected by heat, cold, sunlight, harsh chemicals, animals and insects. The average drill site containment system saves almost 9,000 tires from North American landfills, making TCT’s an environmentally sustainable solution.


A dramatic improvement over traditional barrier materials such as railroad ties, mounded earth and concrete; TCT’s containment products are right for site safety, the project budget and the environment.


Since 1998, TCT has been at the forefront of manufacturing novel products using recycled rubber for use in traffic safety, work site and facilities management, solar, oil & gas, HVAC and athletic equipment markets. In its history, TCT has saved over three million used tires from landfills. For more information on how TCT can turn your toughest problems into competitive advantages, visit us at