LATHAM, NY – Tire Conversion Technologies launches a new website today. The updated website includes new product offerings as well as providing technical information for each product and an easy-to-use interface.


TCT hopes that the new website will help drive new sales, in addition to serving as a platform for product information, industry news, events and more. Designed with the help of Web Instinct, a website design firm located in Saratoga Springs, TCT’s new website signals a rebirth of sorts for the company.


“We see the launch of the website as the launch of the new TCT. We have a lot of things in the pipeline now and the website just the first of many new things to come”, Staudt said. “As we look forward into 2018 and beyond we are excited to have the website help us launch our new marketing efforts”.


In addition to the new website, TCT kicks off a new marketing campaign, focused on reinvigorating old customers while bringing in new blood. The campaign will feature advertisements on various industry websites, sponsored white papers in the oil and gas industry and will culminate at the 2019 ATSSA Traffic Safety Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida.


TCT hopes that the next year can help push the company into the spotlight in the recycled tire rubber community. Their goal is to become a leader in the world of compression molded rubber and help define the future of where it will take us. 


Since 1998, TCT has been at the forefront of manufacturing novel products using recycled rubber for use in traffic safety, work site and facilities management, solar, oil & gas, HVAC and athletic equipment markets. In its history, TCT has saved over three million used tires from landfills. For more information on how TCT can turn your toughest problems into competitive advantages, visit us at