TCT works with leading companies to manufacture products for a variety of industries, including solar, rooftop mechanical, oil/gas, environmental and water. All of these industries use our unique manufacturing process to create and produce recycled rubber solutions. 

Panel Claw cropped.jpgSolar

Solar is one of the fastest-growing alternative energy markets worldwide. In the United States alone, there are over one solar panels installed and running, accounting for 1.17% of the United States' total electricity production during a twelve-month period ending in July 2017. Using photovoltaic cells to capture the Sun's rays during the day, solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of alternative energy. TCT has fully embraced manufacturing for solar panels, creating custom products for rooftop isolation, solar racking and cable running applications. Using recycled rubber ensures the products will withstand extreme weather and temperatures.

rooftop mechanical.jpgRooftop Mechanical

TCT creates custom-designed roof blocks for numerous applications, including duct support, piping system support, air conditioning supports, solar racking and cable tray supports. Designed to be resistant to freeze and thaw, the rooftop blocks are LEED certified and will work with most flat rooftops. TCT can create custom solutions for all of your rooftop needs.


We have collaborated with the oil and gas industry to produce a platform of innovative, reusable products for isolating working fluids, solids and waste from the environment. Our base and key block containment systems are ideal for securing a variety of membranes that protect the environment from worksite contamination. Their rugged design makes them the best solution for oil & gas, water management, environmental remediation and mining applications. 

solar wind power.jpgEnvironmental

TCT has always been conscious of the environment and how our products interact with it. That's why many of our products are made from recycled tire rubber. By using recycled tire rubber, not only are we saving tires from entering landfills, but we are also able to make products that will last for a long time. Our products will not crumble or fall apart, which means they will not harm the surrounding environments. TCT's products are perfect for companies that are looking for environmentally-friendly solutions for traffic safety, water, oil & gas, solar, or rooftop mechanical issues. 

Hose Ramps - interior page.jpgWater

When working in construction or maintenance, it is important to make sure there isn't a chance for pedestrian injury or disruption of work. TCT's hose ramps are perfect for protecting hosing or piping that needs to go across streets or in areas of high traffic. Available in three different styles, the hose ramps are heavy-duty and can work on a variety of hoses and pipes.