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Tire Conversion Technologies announces the launch of two new traffic safety products, the Sign Speed Bump and the Friendly Flagger. Both products were introduced at the 2018 ATSSA Expo in January, hosted in San Antonio, Texas.

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TCT launches a new website and announces new marketing campaign for 2018. The updated website includes new product offerings, as well as providing technical information for each product with an interface that's easy to navigate.

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TCT was honored to present at the 2017 Scrap-To-Profit Conference in Nashville, Tenn. Held on October 25-26, 2017, the conference focused on driving innovation into the scrap tire industry, including looking at current trends and future opportunities for industry growth.

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Tire Conversion Technologies Inc. has received a worldwide, exclusive license to manufacture and sell proprietary containment systems as described in US Patent 9,016,980 and related intellectual property.

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